Thursday, 16 August 2012

Happy Little Unicorn

If this doesnt cheer you up on this cold and rainy Thursday (for those of you in Adelaide), then I dont know what will! Happy Little Unicorn is now for sale in my etsy shop, printed onto a gorgeous 100% recycled paper stock. Yay! x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Kitty Launch!

Friday morning was the kind of morning where everything just came together, perfectly. Before I go any further, thanks so much to the amazingly talented Amelia, from Amelia O'Connor Photography. It was such an inspiration collaborating with you and watching you work your magic with the camera. 

This is the start of something very new and exciting for me as an illustrator. Over the past few months I’ve had a real urge to experiment with the application of my illustrations. What I have come up with is a limited edition line of brooches that I am so totally excited about.

What I’ve created is 75 wooden cat heads! Yes, it took me a while…and the discerning looks of confusion from my boyfriend didn’t help (just between you and me, I think he wants me to get a real job), but when I start something I am the kind of person that has to finish! And horaaah I have finished!  I am looking at all 75 of my little babies and they are all staring back!

Due to my lack in carpentry skills, my kitties have been laser cut. Having said this though, each one is different. No two are the same. I didn’t want to put my name to something that was crazily mass produced, so I hand drew 75 cats and then got these shapes cut. The next step was giving each brooch a base coat of watercolour paint, I wanted something that would absorb into the wood and show the grain. The details were then added with a fine brush of acrylic paint and a black 1point felt tip pen. The backs were each lined with a small square of wool felt (to avoid snagging your brooch on that special blouse you intend on wearing it with) and a silver coated pin.

Laser cut shapes are normally about precision and perfection, I wanted to challenge this idea and produce something that still included the natural imperfections that come with something that is hand made. I’ve noticed the popularity in laser cut shapes and the temptation lies in getting as many done as you possibly can. But who wants the same thing that everyone else has. That’s what I like about these; each kitty has their own personality. 

If you would like a little cat that will follow you wherever you go, they are available at Urban Cow Studio, 11 Frome Street, Adelaide. Or you can also adopt one here, online.

For the full shoot, pop on over to Amelia's blog. Be sure to check out her other work too. Amazing.

P.S. If you happen to be wondering who the gorgeous model is in the shoot, that’s Gaby. She’s an illustrator. Be sure to check out some of her work by following her Tumblr. She also has an exhibition up currently in Bliss CafĂ© on Gouger Street. She does some of the most detailed, realistic pencil drawings I have seen.

Let me know what you think! x