Sunday, 21 September 2014

Deck Complete!

We finished! Our humble little deck is now complete :) Next step is seeding our lawn and then getting out the brushes to paint the house! Love it!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


This is the view from our balcony. I wish I was better at taking photos of sunsets. Every weekend when we're at Normy and the sun is just sitting above the horizon we race to the fridge to get a cider and trip over ourselves up the stairs in a flurry to catch the sunset. It really was much more impressive than this photo shows, but jeez its a brilliant way to end the day, puts all that little stuff into perspective.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Hello, Deck!

As some of you might be know, Graham and I have been busy renovating for the past year. Next month we actually celebrate our one year house anniversary! It feels like we've been at this since forever, but on the other hand the time and flown by so fast. It's been really nice sharing some of this renovation journey with you, I just find it lovely to be able to document these special little moments and kind of amplify them as well as keep them safe here in a little time capsule. I get like 4 hits a post so sometimes I really do wonder why I bother ;)

The next big completed milestone for us has been our deck. My Dad built it for us, I tell you what, he's a deck (and balcony) building master, it's an art piece! The wood is all reclaimed, the posts and cross beams are from the same cowrie our fence is made of and the decking is a mix of hard-wood. We just love it!! Not only because it's so beautiful but because it now opens up the space and one can walk around the outside table without feeling like they're going to fall off the concrete slab. 

When I'm down at Normy I especially enjoy day dreaming about te future. It's like a switch goes off in me and all I can do is imagine the green lawn and bigger palms and more painting and what else we can achieve and so on and so on. I am such a planner and list maker and perfectionist and having such a big real project has been great for me I think. It kind of puts all the small piddly stuff I worry about into perspective. With gorgeous weather just around the corner this deck came at just the perfect time. Its a lovely place for reflection, it's the perfect link between the house and the the garden. It's also a great place to entertain; Graham and I really enjoy hosting and having our families together and I think this deck will be the perfect excuse to put the tools down and just take it all in. Hurry up Summer!

Here are some progress photos, some quick phone snaps. As you can see it's not quite finished yet. The sides and step and going to be boxed in and we'll oil the wood aswell. Looking forward to sharing the finished piece.