Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Lobster

8 weeks ago, Graham and I put an offer on a cute little beach house in Normanville, fast forward 8 weeks and we picked up the keys to what is now called 'The Lobster' this weekend!! Settlement actually occured on the date of our 5 year anniversary so it was definately meant to be ;)

We had plans of gradually neating the place up, but once we get our hands on that baby we couldn't help ourselves and ended up ripping out and destroying anything that wasnt a wall. Tearing up the carpets revealed beautifully polished floor boards and removing layers upon layers of curtains and blinds has left us with big open windows and light filled rooms.
There is still more to do, but after a lick of paint (and ermm, a new kitchen) The Lobster should be all ready to go. We aren't moving in, we love living in the city, so it will be rented out until we are ready to enjoy it as a beach house to fill with family and beautiful summer holiday memories. 

Oh, and the name comes from three things: Firstly, the roof is red; secondly, in Germany where my Grandma lives there is a cafe we passed each day on our morning walk called The Lobster, and thirdly, Lobsters improve with age, just as this house will :)
Thanks for following along looking forward to sharing more photos next weekend. x