Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Almost all settled in

We’re almost all settled in to our new place, so here are a few more photos as promised earlier. The star and moon skylight is nestled into the ceiling of my studio and the teapot etching is in the door leading to our bedroom. And the bullet hole you ask? I did some serious investigating. This included attaching string to the point of entry (I know, smart right!) and sure enough I was led to the point of impact; a shallow tunnel burrowed into a cracked tile in the laundry. And speaking of the laundry, the tiles are identical to the ones on the outside of the General Havlock on Hutt Street…interesting right!? I seem to think so anyway…

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Goodbye Blacky

This month, Graham and I are saying goodbye to our first ever little home together. At the end of last year we had discussions of moving away, our trip to Sydney left us wanting more from Adelaide (Sorry Adelaide!!). After actually looking into this though, living anywhere near the city center was kind of a little out of our price range...so when an apartment popped up on Pultney street for the same rent as our current place, our lofty plans of moving to another city vanished. Adelaide, you are amazing!!!

We got the apartment and I am in love! Built in the late 30's, it is rich with history. The walls in the living room are a gorgeous forest green, there is built in seating around the window bays, secret storage nooks all over the place, an internal window, art nouveau glass etchings, curved walls, a big green mantle piece, a laundry that looks like it belongs in a pub, a massive bedroom and a potential bullet hole in one of the doors (i'll be investigating this one). Here are a few photos for now, when we're all settled in i'll share some more.