Friday, 14 March 2014

Hello, Kitchen!

It always takes me a good few months to get into the rhythm of a new year and I think I'm (finally) starting to feel the love for 2014. Last year was just the best year ever and I guess I didn't think 2014 could top it, anyway, that's all changed now and i've finally come around to the idea of it. I've set some big PipDesign goals this week that I'm going to get stuck into next month. Graham is in Melbourne this weekend and I've just driven down to Normy. Instead of working on the house this weekend, I wanted to just sit back and appreciate how far we have come. The kitchen space has experienced the most change in this place, if you're interested in some photos of what we've been up to, please enjoy this photographic journey!

Photo from the open inspection. The one that obviously won us over! ;)

Kitchen and stair pannels....OUT!!! We lit the biggest fire ever that night. Turns out, old shitty kitchens burn real well!

The very first thing we did after the kitchen came out was get the floors resurfaced. We chose a matte clear finish and man they came up gooooood! Then we embarked on the biggest painting job of our lives. It might not look like much but those bricks are thirsty buggers and the stinky cigarette stained beams needed a lot of work too. How good does it look though,right..right!?

Next time you're in the city and use a lift, or you're at the airport, take note of the incredibly hardy industrial rubber flooring you're standing on, because thats what we used for the kitchen floor. Its pretty much a flat car tire! It was ordered in from Germany through a guy in Mount Barker. Pretty cool hey! 

Ok, onto the island bench! It's hard to capture the beauty of the wood as it's forever changing colour depending on the light. Dad was driving past a local farm when he spotted a huge pile of these naturally weathered planks and wine crates in a paddock (spot the Petaluma!). He got chatting to the owner about our kitchen dream and next thing you know the guy just gave him the lot!


So, there you have it! Our kitchen :)

See ya! x