Saturday, 14 July 2012

Project Card Stand

These past few days have been spent busily fine tuning my cluster of framed illustrations for SALA. A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be squeezed last minute into a group show at Terrace Floors and Furnishings (Number 216 in the SALA book), so my name isnt actually in the publication, but im in the show none the less. 
I will have my line of greeting cards on display too, with the majority of these designs available as prints. So, in order to make this possible, I had to employ the skills of my trusty Dad this evening, we headed to the workshop to create a card display stand for the exhibition, yay! After a few solid hours of Dad translating my very non-structurally sound sketches into reality, we (mainly him..) had finished our creation and my oh my what a beautiful sight it was! Without tooting my own horn, isnt this just the cutest loveliest card stand you have ever seen!?

If you're diary is free on August 1st, it would be wonderful to see your smiling face at the exhibition opening! 51 Glen Osmond Road, Terrace Floors and Furnishings, Eastwood. SA. 5pm. x


  1. That really is a GREAT card stand! While I probably can't make one from wood, I've got an old vintage suitcase here which I'm hoping to turn into a card stand... Wish me luck! ;)

    1. Yay! Thankyou, Im glad you like it! Using a vintage suitcase sounds like a great idea, good luck!