Thursday, 20 June 2013


On Saturday morning we packed the car, drove to the beach and left all our worries behind. We skipped breakfast and saved ourselves for the Normanville Jetty Store Cafe instead, they do the best coffee down there in our opinion :) A last minute decision to take the 'scenic route' over the hills and via a dirt track was well worth the added time it took to manoeuvre the car around the hundreds of unexpected pot holes. We spotted a nice big happy echidna and turned around in an attempt to make friends. He was quite shy and curled up into a tight ball as soon as we got close, hopefully we didn’t mess with the delicate balance of nature too much as we each couldn’t resist giving him a little pat and a cuddle before heading back on our merry way. Hopefully see you next time Mr. Echidna!


  1. What a fantastic day!! Such an insane animal. Echidnas in Tassie are really furry instead of all the spines (haven't seen one in the wild though, just in the museum).

    1. How facinating! This one was very spikey, i didnt know of other varieties! I have been following your blog since your move to Tassie btw and i love your most recent post. I hope to visit one day, I have never been before. x

    2. oh yes, you should visit! It's freezing at the moment but so beautiful. You're welcome to crash on the mattress that has become a permanent fixture of the lounge room if you do make it down! It's not classy but it's free...