Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sweeeeet Dreams

A few weeks ago, Kip & Co (a gorgeous Australian boutique bedding brand, check them out if you havn't already) ran a little facebook competition where they asked people to share a photo and someone lucky would be picked out at random to win two banana pillow cases. Well....its turns out that the stars aligned and I was one of those lucky winners!!! YAY!! I was so excited because I actually look at their website on a daily basis and drool over the colours and textiles. I'm so lucky and thankful. So today I spent my Sunday pottering around the house like i normally do, but also making the bed in the best way possible to try and do these pillow cases justice. And incase you were wondering, the brown-ish bananas are actually gold! I'm going to sleep so well tonight. Thanks Kip & Co!! xxxxxx

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