Sunday, 22 September 2013

Happy Molly

Last weekend we sadly had to say goodbye to our family cat of 13 years, Felix. He was a good cat. Each day he would walk down to the chicken shed and bring us back a mouse, most of which he would leave under the dining room table. If you were reading the news paper or using the laptop, you could bet anything that he would come along and sit right in the middle of it. If Molly was in the garden, Felix would be out there too, stalking her like a jungle tiger. Molly and Felix were the best of friends. They would keep eachother company and cuddle up together on the couch at night. Molly was just as sad as us to see him go. Yesterday we took her to the beach,  it's been the first time since last weekend that she has been her normal self. She loves the beach, especially when there is a tennis ball involved.

We ate lunch at The Jetty Food Store then joined Mum and Dad in making a bon fire. When it got dark we cooked sausages on the tripod over the hot coals and ate timtams for dessert. What a weekend. Hope you all had a lovely couple days off too. x

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