Wednesday, 2 September 2015


I am SO excited to present my new tea towel design! Are you a pav lover? For as long as I can remember I've requested mum make me a pav for my birthday cake. It represents all that is good in this world; glorious weather, summer fruits, family, backyard bbqs, holidays, the list is practically endless. The sunshine was just too perfect on Sunday I had no choice but to whip up a pav, just the way Mum makes it, and head out to the park across the street for a little shoot. And just like my Adelaide tea towel this one is proudly printed in Australia on a gorgeous 75%linen 25%cotton blend. Available in my etsy shop now and in will be in stores later this week :)

I shared this on facebook over the weekend and oh my gosh what an overwhelming response I received! You guys! Turns out you all love a pav as much as me! Ha, oh I really must mention that I am actually sitting at my desk right now eating the pav from the pic below, its gooood. Sorry, was that mean? ;)

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts; what does the pav means to you? How do you like your pav? I spoke to a lady at a market the other weekend who told me her friend claims to have introduced the pav to Germany! Wowzers.

Hope you love it! Pip x

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