Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sunday Dinners

I just finished working on such a beautiful project. I was commissioned to compile a collection of home recipes belonging to a lovely elderly lady called Merle. Every Sunday for as long as the family can remember, Merle has hosted dinner at her place.

Before beginning the project, I was invited to Merle's house for some inspiration. I took countless photos of her kitchen, crockery, cuttlery, mugs and pantry, and then we ate pickled onion and cheese aswell as tea and cake on her patio.

It was such a pleasure putting this together. The book is broken into sections of Entrees, Mains, Desserts and Odds & Sods. I illustrated a title page for each course, taking inspiration from the way the dining table would look at this time. The contents are accompanied by an illustration of her kitchen. The recipes also include the name of the family member who requested it be included in her book, which I think is a lovely touch.  

Merle was presented with the book today, on her Birthday! Although she knew I was up to something, she had no idea what the book would look like. Happy Birthday Merle and hope you like it. x

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