Sunday, 30 December 2012

Time for a little rest

I have to say, this year has been amazing. It hasn't quiet come to an end yet but i've already started a big long list of goals for next year, my office space at home is such a mess it's embarrassing, my sketch book is brimming with ideas, I got a bit carried away on and fell in love with the coolest apartment ever in the middle of the city which I am looking at on Thursday, I have fabric samples being sent to me from Melbourne which I cannot wait to have arrive, my email account hasn't received emails since Dec 20th (its being addressed now but boy has this taught me a whole new level of patience, thanks to my techy friend whos fixing it all!), every time I sit down for a cup of tea my mind goes wandering and I find myself digging out more exciting things from my office and starting new messy projects which end up on the kitchen table for weeks (and weeks and weeks)...point is, my boyfriend and I have packed our van today and are getting away from it all. We're driving to Normanville, sleeping in the car, we'll live off chinese take-away (ah..please be open!) and generally just laze around. I know I will probably have trouble switching off and i'll be itching to get back to all the rush and drama (and's hoping) and messy office but it will be great and I can't wait.

Goodbye 2012, you've been soooooo good to me, hello 2013, you're going to be even better. I know it.

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