Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter in Schonhagen

Graham and I just couldn't pass up a traditional German Easter breakfast, so after our week in Prague, we caught a train back up north to the lovely little sleepy town of Schonhagen where my Grandparents live.

German breakfasts are known for being pretty frickin amazing as is, but Easter breakfast is really something else. When else do you get the chance to eat all your favourite things in the one sitting, what a great way to start the day I say!

After breakfast, Graham and I gave into a craving we have had for a few too many weeks now by making sausage rolls. Don't judge us, you try going away for 5 weeks and not eat a sausage roll in that time! We ended the day by going to a community bonfire, we drank hot apple wine with rum and ate bratwurst. Graham was quite the involved citizen by declaring himself chief fire stoker for the evening.

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