Sunday, 10 March 2013

Let the adventure begin!

Our eight week getaway has officially begun! I have been in Germany for over a week now and two days ago Graham joined in on the adventure when we picked him up from Hamburg train station. We've been eating cheese and salami on a daily basis and have forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. Tomorrow we are hiring a little VW Golf and driving up north to Sweden together. I've been begging to go see the Ikea Head Quarters but i'm not sure if we will drive as far as Stockholm. Just incase we don't, i've made meatballs tonight so we can take them on our trip as a snack, they wont be official Swedish meatballs but it will be close enough for me! See you soon and wish us safe driving...its been snowing non stop since last night. Go Graham! (glad i never did get my international drivers license after all...)


1 comment:

  1. Oh holidays! I LOVED the Semla buns in Sweden! SO DELICIOUS. Have fun!!